Dev Guide

For developer who want to join "Suka"

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Continuous integration

All of the test, website, documents of “Suka” are relied on Travis CI.
Here are the build status of them:

Suka Theme (Branch: master)

Suka Theme (Branch: canary)

Suka Website

Suka Theme Docs

Read the to learn the format of commit message and how to name branch.

You need to know the following infomation:

  • The master branch of “Suka” is stable release. We carry out the development in canary branch. So if you want make a fork and add new Pull Request, please not forget to checkout and develop in canary branch.
  • As we only requested you run npm i --production to install basically dependencies to run theme, you should run npm i gulp-cli -g and npm i at directory for installing devDependencies.
  • “Suka” is using gulp@4 which has no vulnerability. We define those task in gulpfile.js:
    • minify-js: Compress src/**/*.js, add .min prefix then output source
    • minify-js: Compress src/**/*.css, add .min prefix then output source
    • build: Run both tasks below parallel.
    • watch: Watch src, will trigger build
    • default: build
  • Use theme-suka/hexo-theme-unit-test to finish unit test.